From Fergie
“Today, I chased 40 geese off the beach and into the lake! I was so excited that I swam after them.
I swam so far in the lake that I could barely see my Handler on the dock watching me. I heard that
familiar whistle to return. Even though I wanted to keep swimming, I turned around and swam back
to shore. Boy, was that exhilarating! I still have plenty of energy to play with Winston when we get

From Winston
“When I saw Fergie swimming after the geese, I was so excited to get in the lake, too. My Handler
told me to run on this long dock. So, I ran. Then, I got to the end of the dock and my Handler told me
to jump in! Oh no. I was so nervous. I cried and then I jumped! I went totally under the water even
though I was wearing my life jacket. I swam as hard as I could and went to chase the geese with Fergie.
I went on one end of the flock of geese and she was on the other end of the flock of geese. Those nasty
geese were so afraid of us. Hahaha. We rule; geese drool. Well, maybe they don’t drool…but we sure
do rule!”

From Tug
“It seemed like we would never get to the place where I get to chase the geese all by myself. My
Handler made Winston and Fergie stay in the vehicle while I got to chase 42 geese on my own! Oh, you
should have seen me run. I scared those birds so much that they honked all the way out of the property
as they flew. I am the original of Shoo, Geese and I must say, I did a great job today.”