From Fergie:  This morning was very exciting.  I was shaking so much when we pulled into Stonehill College and saw 2 geese and 18goslings!  OOOOHHH!  If I wasn’t strapped in to my seat, I would have jumped through the small space in the open window.  My master let Tug go out first.  Why?!  Was HE shaking, too?  Then, she let Millie out next.  Why?!  Was SHE shaking like me?  Then.  Finally.  My master opened my door and my strap became stuck in the seat because I was jumping around so much.  It took FOREVER for her to unhook me.  She tied me to a leash…then she released me after Tug chased the geese family into the pond.  I ran back and forth in front of that pond at least 18 times.  The geese swam into hiding and I am exhausted and wet AND lovin’ it!

Fergie on the prowl via suv

Where are the geese?

Tug looking at geese