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Can’t other forms of scaring the geese work just as well as Border Collies?

Other methods of harassing geese (including balloons, loud noises such as guns, and fake predators such as coyotes) are temporary. These methods do not have the scent of a real predator, the movement of a real predator or the physical threat of a real predator. The geese soon realize that these methods are temporary and soon ignore them. Border Collies resemble the Arctic Fox in physical appearance and motion that is a threat to geese.

Why is the Border Collie the best breed to harass geese?

Border Collies are the best breed to be used to harass geese. Other breeds are loud and are seen by the geese as just a nuisance. The Border Collie stalks the geese silently and uses the “eye” technique, with a stare that resembles a predator, such as the Arctic fox, which threatens the geese and causes them to seek safer territory. The silent actions of the Border Collies do not disturb people. Border Collies are gentle and will not harm the geese.

How soon will I see a difference in the amount of geese on the property?

Each situation is different in the length of time to successfully rid the property of geese. Shoo, Geese! Border Patrol will visit your property to harass the geese two to three times a day for seven days a week at different times each day so that the geese think there are many “predators”. At this time you should see a considerable difference in the amount of those pesky geese. After approximately six weeks, the geese usually have sought a safer property and we can evaluate future need at that time.

How does Shoo, Geese! Border Patrol get rid of the geese?

Shoo, Geese! Border Patrol will harass, without harm, the Canada geese until they move on to safer territory where there are no more “predators”. We will harass the geese two to three times per day, seven days a week, until we see an acceptable decrease in the amount of geese and less frequency of their arrival. This is done at different times each day and in different areas of the property to cause the geese to believe that there are many “predators” and that there is no safe place on your property for them. It usually takes approximately six weeks to get a handle on the problem and change the geese’s feeding habits, making them look for a safe place. If the geese have already hatched their eggs and goslings are present, we will only make our presence known. The goslings need to develop their pin feathers for flight and their parents need to grow back their pin feathers during this time before we can harass them. Usually in July the goslings and adults will have their pin feathers and we will harass them at this time causing the geese to fly and seek a different place to stay. As the amount of Canada geese decreases, we will evaluate the situation and determine how often a visit is needed. The season for this procedure is mid-March to the end of November.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this service depends on the size of the property; size and number of ponds, lakes, or waterways; accessibility to the property that has the geese problem; and the amount of geese present. After a site evaluation, we will email, fax or mail a proposal to you within twenty-four hours of the evaluation. We offer short-term, one-season contracts; long-term, yearly contracts; and on-call, as needed contracts.

Is there a property size limit to get your services?

There is no property size limit to receive our services. We are able to service properties from small, private properties to large, corporate properties.

Will the Border Collie harm or kill the geese?

Border Collies are a gentle breed whose natural instinct is to herd, not to kill. Shoo, Geese! Border Patrol will harass the geese, not harm them, and cause the geese to believe they are in great danger until they seek safer territory.

How do I get in touch with you to get rid of my geese?

Please visit the Contact page listed above for a variety of ways to contact us, or click on the Contact Us icon located on every page to send us an email.

Do you have references available?

We respect our client’s privacy and do not list references on our website. We will, however, provide references to you upon request. If you like, please visit the “Contact” page and submit your request through the form there. Thank you!
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