Border Collies

Border Collies are herding dogs by nature and therefore will not harm geese. Their natural instinct is to herd, not harm the flock. Border Collies use a technique called “eye” wherein they crouch down and stare intensely at the geese. The Border Collie is the most effective method in keeping geese out of areas where the geese are a problem.

Border Collies are ranked number one in intelligence for all dog breeds. They have the reasoning and problem-solving ability of a two- to four-year-old child. Border Collies are agile, making them effortlessly work their way through brush, briars and any other obstacles that would tire a different breed of dog.

Border Collies are protectors and will lay down their life for their master. Border Collies have a deep devotion not only to their master, but to hard work as well. They have a natural desire to be working constantly, and a working Border Collie is a happy Border Collie. If these dogs are not given a job, they will find one on their own.

Tug’s Story


Tug is our first-owned Border Collie. He is extremely smart and ready for action! This hard-working dog is eager to help you rid your property of those pesky, annoying, landscape-destroying Canada Geese.

Before Tug was given to us, he lived on the beach and with sheep. We received him as a young dog to be in our care for a month from some dear friends as they traveled. Tug became our beloved pet after the month was over due to these dear friends needing to find Tug a good home as they would be traveling more frequently.

Tug has been trained daily for geese patrol three times per day. He is now very competent in heeding his Handler’s commands and is ready, willing and able at a moment’s notice to be “on the prowl for water fowl.” Tug has also been agility trained.

Tug has a playful personality. He enjoys fun times of chasing the water from the hose, pushing rocks with his front paws across the yard and fetching anything that will be thrown for him. He is loving and affectionate, but don’t let that kid you. He is very aggressive when it comes to the Canada goose chase. He is also a good watch dog. His focus is uninterrupted by distractions and will work endlessly with motivation to follow his handler’s commands.


Fergie’s Story


Fergie was professionally-trained to herd sheep and goats. She had such a desire to herd waterfowl as well, that her owner sold her to Shoo, Geese! Border Patrol to “shoo geese”. Fergie is an extremely fast runner and swimmer. She “locks on” to the geese until they fly out of the property and water.

Fergie loves to play, especially with her co-workers, Millie and Tug.  She also is a very hard worker and will obey her handler’s commands even while she is hot on the trail of geese.

She is from a strong blood-line of Border Collies. Her mother is Esther and her father is Peat. Both of her parents have done very well in sheep-herding competition. She is from a long blood-line of award-winning Border Collies from places such as Scotland and England.

Fergie has proven to be a valuable asset to our business.







Millie’s Story

Millie was a herder of cattle in Georgia for the first two years of her life, losing a few teeth in the process.  The next 2 years of her life were spent harassing geese for a goose control business in North Carolina.  We purchased her from professional Border Collie Trainers in North Carolina who trained her to herd geese and their high-standard training efforts have served us well at Shoo, Geese! Border Patrol.

Millie is a very strong swimmer and will spend hours swimming if we command her to do so.  She is extremely obedient and will not leave her Handler’s side unless commanded to shoo the geese.

She is very sweet and has a very keen “eye” staring at the geese causing them to fly away out of fear.  Her herding instinct is so strong that when she is not herding geese, she herds Fergie… constantly.

Millie has been a valuable asset to our team.