Are those nasty, landscape-destroying Canada geese stealing your peace? Tired of stooping to scoop goose poop? Would you like to see a decrease of geese on your property? Don’t throw in the towel over waterfowl! Gain control with Shoo, Geese! Border Patrol!

In 2008, Gail Devins launched Shoo, Geese! Border Patrol with her newly acquired Border collie, Tug.
 Shoo, Geese! Border Patrol is now Devins and her dogs Tug, Winston and Fergie.  This team of experts chases geese from areas where they are unwanted.

Be sure not to miss an installment of our blog, Dog Tales, the only blog you’ll find written through the eyes of our dogs, detailing their adventures as Canada Geese chasers at Shoo, Geese! Border Patrol!

Visit our Contact page to receive more information or to obtain a free, no obligation estimate. We look forward to being “on the prowl for waterfowl” for you to enjoy your property once again.